Celeste McKibbin, Ph.D

Department of Communication
Sciences and Disorders

 Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin is a speech-language pathologist. She is a professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Sacramento State University. Celeste also is a part time speech-language pathologist in San Juan Unified School District, where she directly serves students ages preschool through teens. Celeste's book drive for children experiencing poverty has collected and donated over 200,000 books to children in San Juan Unified School District as well as developing countries around the world. 


Mike McKibbin, Ed.D.

School Board Member:

Mike has lived in San Juan District for thirty-five years. After teaching for fifteen years teaching in elementary, high schools and universities. Mike took a job doing public policy work with the state teacher licensing agency. He has been privileged to spend his career helping schools improve and finding and preparing teachers to teach our most challenged students. Now he seeks the opportunity to continue  to apply what he has learned  to our own school district to provide better opportunities for all of our students to learn and grow.




Mark McKibbin

Junior, George Washington University
School of Media and Public Affairs
Washington, D.C.

 Mark McKibbin attended San Juan schools for his entire K- 12 education. He graduated as Salutatorian of his Casa Roble high school class in 2016. Mark is currently a junior in the Political Journalism Honors program at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He hopes to eventually serve as a social justice attorney.