It's all and only about the kids.

What makes Mike great for this job?

I believe my background as a teacher, parent, and consultant on educational policy provides me with a unique set of skills that I would like to apply as we a face a pivotal time for this district and our children.

My work with boards and panels has taught me that when making policy decisions-

You don't need to be the smartest person in the room, or even the most passionate, but you do need to be the best listener.

Then you make your best judgement remembering - It's about the kids.

educator - father - new voice

If elected I will focus on our first mission which is providing the best possible education for all our children.  In addition to assuring that all students have the foundational skills that they need, I want to assure that our students have an opportunity to find their purpose and their passion.  I believe that all students bring considerable talents with them to their classrooms.  We must do a better job of exploring those and incorporating them into their learning, particularly as they learn to solve problems and explore their creative talents. 

I believe that at the heart of improving our schools and helping every student reach their potential are teachers that are engaged in the never ending process of encouraging their students.  Because I believe that there is no one right way to teach any subject, we must constantly explore new strategies to offer instruction.  We must encourage risk taking and exploring the mistakes that we make, because understanding where we went wrong is one of the most powerful tools of learning.

I believe that we vastly under-utilize the talents of parents, grandparents and community members of our district.  Community members can play a much more substantive role as we build a community of learners.  In a time when resources are scares, some would argue that it is time to lower expectations for our students and our community.  I would argue just the opposite.  We must come together as a community and use our human capital to increase what we expect of each other as we invest in our students.  



Mike is a lifelong teacher, parent and community member dedicated to improving schools and developing star teachers for our students.


Mike has taught in elementary, high schools and colleges for fifteen years. He has volunteered in his son’s schools for the last eleven years tutoring teaching the school's anti-bullying curriculum and other school duties. He has visited hundreds of classrooms and interviewed thousands of teachers seeking what it takes to be a great teacher and building self-renewing schools.
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Teaching villagers how to raise chickens in India as a Peace Corps Volunteer, serving in the Big Brother Program, working with children as a coach and umpire, giving blood, serving in the Rotary Club of Orangevale, participating in community advisory boards, Mike is committed to making our communities a great place to learn and grow.
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Mike was elected to the School Site Councils at the elementary schools where his son attended.  He has also been appointed to the district’s Curriculum, Instruction and Student Services Committee and has served for eight years.  He serves on the district’s Strategic Planning team, and was asked by his son’s high school to serve on the Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Committee.
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Mike has been involved in research on teaching since 1972.  He has participated in more than thirty research studies in the areas of school improvement, staff development, curriculum design,  and teacher development.  This research resulted in more than eighty publications including books, chapters, governmental reports, and refereed articles.
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Mike has been involved in the development of products for teacher and curriculum development throughout his career.  From his first days as a teacher when he rewrote the Sophomore World History curriculum and readings to make them readable, engaging and challenging to his struggling students to creating a program that would bring into teaching thousands of second career, military and others who wanted to become a teacher using a “learning by doing” format, he has created products that were user friendly.
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Dr. McKibbin was involved in the development of education policy for twenty-seven years while working at the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  Over the years he made more than eighty presentations that made policy recommendations  on teacher certification and teacher preparation and to this Governor appointed board.  He was involved in the drafting of legislation on the topics of subject matter preparation for elementary teachers, linking professional growth and continuing education to credential renewal and providing alternative, practice-based ways to become a teacher.
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